You are so much more likely to achieve sustianed success with a Personal Trainer but only between 5 & 10% of gym members actually get around to investing in a PT. 

So, what's been stopping you?


I don’t have time!


The average UK person spends 1 hour 20 minutes PER DAY browsing social media! 


I’m too tired


You’re in a vicious circle. The less you do, the less you can be bothered to do. Healthier bodies are more efficient and energised. Break that negative cycle for good!



I can’t afford a Personal Trainer!


The average Londoner spends £9 per working day on lunch, coffee and snacks. That’s £45 per week! Making your own lunch will not only mean healthier choices, but will free up money to spend elsewhere.  


I’ll do it tomorrow


Life is busy and probably always will be! What’s going to change tomorrow? There’s no time like the present, don’t let yourself down.  


I’ve tried PT before, but it didn’t work 


Results don’t come over night (sorry!). Ask yourself how committed and consistent you’ve been in the past. 

If calories used are greater than calories consumed you will lose weight. If muscles are challenged and fuelled correctly they will grow stronger. This is undisputed science! We just need to eradicate the other factors getting in our way.



I’m embarrased working out in front of others


I've helped both women and men overcome this very common situation to make exercise fun and focused.


I need to lose weight THEN i'll get a PT.


Don't put off til tomorrow what you should do today.

The sooner you start with a PT the sooner i can understand your needs and current fitness levels and carefully consider how to push you so you can see and feel progress as soon as possible - and sustain it!