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Burning fat and strengthening muscles through regular but short intense bursts of cardio and circuits of resistance exercise.




Or read on for more detail from my client Loes' and her success.


"In January of this year I decided to book a personal training package as my wedding was coming up in March and I wanted to feel comfortable and confident on the day.  I don’t have great body confidence and was worried about being the centre of attention all day, with loads of pictures being taken that we would be looking at for years to come.


I was already with the YMCA gym at Tottenham Court road so decided to look for a PT there. I didn’t really know where to start as I have never had a trainer but as soon as I read Rich’s blurb I knew I wanted to give him a go as he sounded good – not like a lot of trainers who believe in bullying you into shape or putting you on no bread/potato/wine (stuff I can’t live without..) diets.

Our intake conversation was great, Rich really seemed to understand how I feel and talked through realistic goals with me without making me feel bad about myself or apprehensive about the process.


I soon started to love my training sessions with Rich as he has an excellent sense of humour and he manages to push me further every time without ever being negative. His positive approach to training just makes you want to work that little bit harder.


As a result of training with Rich once a week for 10 weeks, doing normal exercise next to this and eating normally, I feel much better about myself and I lost 2,5kgs of fat and gained 1.7kg of muscle, I was a happy bride!


No surprise really that after the wedding I signed back up with Rich for another 10 weeks and will probably continue to do so for a long time to come.


If you are looking for a trainer I definitely recommend Rich (just don’t make him too busy or he won’t have time for me anymore)."