Overcoming Injury Success


Improving mobility and flexibility

Improvement of daily life

Reduction of pain

Gradual, safe progression (with added fat loss and strength gains along the way.)




Or read on to find out more about my client Terry's success


"I was told in 2013 that I have arthritis in my left hip and to make it worse there are signs its developing in my right hip.  What's the solution?  An operation and tablets to control the pain.  It gets worse... they say I am too young to have the operation, so just take the tablets.  I asked is there nothing else I can do, like go to the gym?  The doctor says oh yes that will be a great help. then signs me off and leaves me with my tablets.


That was the prospect I faced last year, and what a journey I have had so far.  I joined the YMCA then through the recommendation of a friend I got myself a personal trainer, Rich Allsop.  I told him about the arthritis and my other goals, weight loss, flat stomach etc.  To my amazement after a few sessions I was pain-free.  I struggled putting socks on in the morning but not anymore.  My mobility has increased 100% and there are some days I do not experience pain at all!  Thanks to Rich I am pretty pain free for most of the day.  I train with Rich twice a month and been with him for a year now.  I have lost just under 10 kg in that time.  I have gained muscle and yes my stomach is getting flatter.  Rich has given me the confidence to try other classes at the gym... Spin, HIIT and Kettlebells.  I am able to do Windmills and Turkish get ups in the Kettlebell class.  Weights in other exercises are increasing as well.  And now I am running.  Something I thought I would never be able to do.  This year I am taking part in two 5K runs.


 Oh...and I am off the tablets, been off them for 8 months!

Rich Allsop has been better than any doctor, he has given me confidence to do things that I would never have done before. And what a difference year makes!"