Fat Loss, Muscle & Strength Success


For Men & Women

Regular exerciser who wants to break through a plateau

OR somebody new to exercise who is yet to see any rewards

Blend of resistance and functional training.




Or read more about my client Lianne and the great success she has achieved:


"When I first started training with Rich on the recommendation of a friend, I was stuck in a rut, my workouts were unstructured, boring and I wasn't seeing any results. I needed a kickstart.

As a hockey goalkeeper my initial goals were to improve my agility, strength & flexibility which are key.

Not long after I also took a body composition test and was shocked to find that despite being reasonably fit & having an ideal BMI for my height, my body fat percentage was nearly 32%. Reducing this was immediately added to my goals.

Over the last 12 months, through Rich's structured, varied and fun workouts, I have see improvement in all my goal areas, I'm fitter, faster, leaner, so much stronger and more flexible and I have seen my body fat percentage drop by over 10%.

Rich has got me doing things I never thought I could do. I always avoided free weights as I found the 'boys room', as I call it, intimidating, but as I have got fitter my confidence in myself and my abilities has grown and after some gentle encouragement from Rich I ventured in and am now in there twice a week lifting weights I never imagined I could.

It's been worth every penny, all the hard work has definitely paid off and I'm getting compliments on my transformation and my increased fitness levels. A year ago I went to the gym because I had to, now I go because I want to, this was a key turning point for me and it's all thanks to Rich."