“I’ve always worked out hard but had reached a plateau on my own. I didn’t have the muscle definition I thought I ‘deserved’ given the hours I put in at the gym and didn’t have time to fit in any extra work outs. Rich taught me to train smarter and I’ve seen the results. I couldn’t be happier!”   




"Rich's strength is keeping the mind as engaged as the body. He varies the routines and exercises and adapts 
to feedback so there's never a dull session. Best of all, his methods work - I saw changes after a few weeks and, 
a couple of months on, am feeling much better about my body .... just in time for the beach! Highly recommended … "


Richard Edgar



"Before taking sessions with Rich I was getting disappointed at my inability to lose weight and increase fitness. I entered the YMCA's triathlon challenge and climbing Ben ed Ben Nevis but felt that in both cases I didn't achieve the results I wanted. I decided I needed something more focused so on a friend's recommendation I met with Rich. He helped me to decide on specific goals and gave me programmes and advice to work towards those. Fitting my gym schedule around my other commitments has always been a challenge and whilst I still enjoy group classes I can now work out on my own productively even when I can't make the timetabled classes.Rich has been supportive and encouraging throughout and when I entered this year's triathlon I improved my time by nearly 2 mins and was able to complete the event without having to slow down my run to a walk!"






"Rich regularly introduces me to new training methods and, with a smile, encourages me push a little bit more. His 

holistic approach and use of the latest kit is keeping me and my core much more engaged than simply throwing heaving 
weights around by myself.

Alan McLellan


"I'm a frequent gym-goer, but I need to be careful in the movements I make to avoid aggravating a neck injury. 
At the YMCA, Rich constantly but safely updates my routine. He tailors new exercises and adapts them to prevent
injury problems. Every session he challenges me out of my comfort zone, which feels like a real achievement and 
boosts my motivation and confidence. It really helps for when I go on my own the rest of the time. It's all really 
working for me - I can do new exercises, have seen a change in my body shape and enjoy the visits at the Y."


Craig Beaumont


"I should have done it years ago. That's how I feel about getting a Personal Trainer. Rich has helped me in a number 
of ways, namely, motivation, discipline and technique. His vey friendly, firm and approachable manner helps me get 
the best out of my visits to the gym. For the first time in years I look forward to my session at the gym. Having Rich 
has been the best investment I've made in me for years and it is worth every penny. Don't be fooled by his smiley face,
he knows his stuff and will make you work hard, but it will be worth it. I have no hesitation in recommending him. "


Andy Grant


"Training with Rich is great fun. A great mix of exercises and weights pushed me to use my whole body. Definitely
worthwhile if you want improved results from your efforts in the gym."


Jonathan C


"I've used numerous personal trainers in the past who have been expensive with little reward. It was so refreshing when 
Rich Allsop became my personal trainer. He tailored really effective programmes for me and I can really see the 
difference. Richard really listened to what my goals were and for the first time I feel I have a personal trainer who can 
take me to the next level"


Adam Mawson


So if you feel ready to make some changes and improve your fitness and figure. 
If you are new to the gym and want to feel fitter, slimmer and stronger?
Or working hard and not getting results?
I'll help you shake off nerves, doubt, even boredom and jump-start your training. 
Let me show you how to get (and keep) the 'feel good' factor in your fitness and well-being.