Losing Weight THE RIGHT WAY

Building up a regular workout pattern

Adding variety


Fundamentals of Free Weight Lifting and Squat Rack

Beginner to Intermediate Long Term Training Plan & Lifestyle Changes.


"My story started in 2013 when I moved to London to start a new life but at that time, I was probably at my lowest, physically.  My last job was office based and my diet consisted mainly of junk food of the worst variety more often than not, eaten at my desk.


When I arrived in the UK, I needed work and ended up doing 2 jobs and working on average 14 hours a day and both jobs were very physical.  Due to the amount of hours I was working and given the fact that I did not have much to sit down and eat, I started to lose weight slowly but steadily.


Once I realised I could fit into size 30 inch jeans for the first time in a long time, I became determined to maintain the weight loss with a better diet and lifestyle together with joining a gym.  To kick start my gym training, I decided to sign up with a PT and chose Rich because his profile met the criteria I was looking for ie someone who not only trained but also knew about diet too.


The challenge was that like so many people, I wanted everything immediately but I realised that, as with my weight loss, training takes time too and it’s better to do regular sessions spaced out evenly than short bursts irregularly.  


Now, just over 3 years since I arrived in the UK, I feel so much better; whilst I may not have a 6 pack, my body has changed and is more defined and I feel much healthier.  My diet has changed a lot too and I choose to eat far more sensibly and make my own smoothies regularly.  This helps to balance my daily nutritional intake which is backed up with all the good home cooked food I have that has lots of fresh vegetables and chicken.  


So, as you can see, the changes I have made did not happen overnight but they have been consistent and I have maintained the weight loss and which has happened not only through diet but also with the knowledge I have gained through the support of a personal trainer and regular gym sessions."